November 11, 2010

Rwanda Contributes 1 Million Dollars to the Global Fund

Rwanda is the latest example of African leadership in the fight against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The Rwandan government has donated $1 millions dollars to the Global Fund. The pledge is part of the Third Voluntary Replenishment of the Global Fund, which has received US$ 11.7 billion in financial commitments for the years 2011-2013. Rwanda is the fourth African country to give financial support to The Global Fund.

In total, The Global Fund has approved almost US$ 700 million in grants to Rwanda, to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria and to strengthen health systems. To date, around US$ 363 million have been disbursed. The country has shown an outstanding ability in turning funding into improving public health.

Even a modest amount can help save and improve countless lives. More importantly, Rwanda is demonstrating its commitment to standing side by side with its partners in global health efforts.

Rwanda is one of the countries in Africa that is set to reach the Millennium Development Goals targets, if its interventions keep the current pace, particularly in the area of maternal and children’s health. The country reduced under-five mortality by 50% and maternal mortality by 64%, between 2000 and 2008.

Currently, 9 countries which receive funds from The Global Fund have also made contributions.

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"By establishing ALMA, we are now creating a critical forum and mechanism for advocacy, action, and follow-up on the implementation of these noble malaria goals."

~ President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, United Republic of Tanzania